Adhesive labels

Production of adhesive labels

Since 1986, the year the company was founded by the owners, who still run the business today, Estense Etichette has concentrated exclusively on designing and producing adhesive labels for a wide range of applications.
The products are mainly supplied in rolls, and also include:
  • neutral self-adhesive labels;
  • labels for food products;
  • printed labels on various media.
Thanks to the high quality of the machinery and equipment at our production facility site in Fiorano Modenese, we are able to process of orders of any size, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Digital printing, design

Estense Etichette is well aware of the importance of the label in the communication process between the brand and the consumer, and our team of consultants is able to offer our customers the best solutions, from both the aesthetic and technical point of view, as well as interfacing directly with their advertising agencies.
This enables us to provide our customers with a complete and unparalleled service, during every stage of the production process.
A process that is geared to creating the ideal solution and satisfying all the customer's needs and requirements.
Embossed adhesive label
silver screen printed label

Quotes for customized labels

In addition to the province of Modena, we also supply companies throughout the Emilia Romagna region and Northern Italy.
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