A consolidated business reality

Our company was born in 1986 in Fiorano Modenese, in the province of Modena. Since its foundation, our core business has focused exclusively on the production of self-adhesive label on roll.
The daily engagement, the use of innovative techniques and technologies and, especially, the quality of our work have enabled us to become a leading partner in our industry by gaining more customers. At present, our target audience is rapresented by the agri-food companies. We realise personalized labels for wine estates, pasta factories, farms, olive mills or vinegar producers, distilleries, salami factory, producers of jams and frozen foods, but also for industrial,cosmetic, pharmaceuticals companies and for producers of food supplements.

Estense Etichette




Our technical staff is able to provide consulting and graphic design services to give greater visibility to our customers' productions. Thanks to the results achieved Estense Etichette in Fiorano Modenese is the right solution to give your investment a guarantee of profitability.



The know-how acquired by our company allows us to provide innovative and technologically advanced solutions for every type of product and commercial need. We produce labels and packaging, also, for the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


After thirty years of activity, besides the founders, the company is leaded by the new generation. An handover that representing both responsibility transmission and project sharing: by continuing to identify the best technologies and the most innovative skills to be used in the labelling sector.